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MegaOps Technologies is a leading SEO Pakistan company. We have helped thousands of customers to rank their websites in Google. After buying our SEO consultancy services we will analyze and optimize your content to help google discover your website and services you are offering.

After our team does the Search Engine Optimization, it would take a few months for Google to analyze your site again and increase the ranking. Most of our customers report that under a 2 months time their website ranking in Google increased substantially.

Our SEO Strategy

Our SEO strategy is very simple yet effective. We follow and read the latest changes in Google algorithm to better understand the most important signals they use to rank websites. We do not believe in short terms tricks to increase the website ranking. We think about our customer's long term benefit. Our Seo experts not only help you optimize your website in terms of on-page and off-page but also:

  • Keyword research
  • Meta tags optimization i.e. Optimize titles, descriptions & headings to help Google understand your content better
  • Improving link structure of your website
  • Making changes in your content to make it Google friendly
  • Submit XML sitemap to Google
  • Link building to give more credibility to your website
  • Blog integration to help pass on the SEO juice to your products and services

How To Get Started?

Boost your SEO Ranking

In order to get started either schedule a free SEO consultancy over phone or email us your requirements along with your website address. Our SEO experts will review and audit your website to come up with a complete SEO plan. The plan will include information like keyword competitiveness and keyword research. We will tell you where your website currently stand in Google and what we can do to help you get high rank in Google. It is completely free and we won't charge until we actually start implementing the SEO strategy. Do not hesitate to ask for a free website audit.

SEO Packages

SEO is a time-consuming process and cost vary based on different things. Rest assured our packages are very affordable and competitive. You would not get such a deal from any other reputable SEO company.

How Long It Take To See The Results

There is no definite time-frame in Search Engine Optimization. Time depends on your current standings in Google and several other factors like domain authority and competitiveness of the field you are in. Most of the time our customer start seeing the results after 2 months.

Do you have any other questions in mind, Then call us and don't worry its free 🙂 

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